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Story: Habits of jackals


Habits of jackals


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


An exhortation, to the Bushmen, to be careful of food in time of plenty, is followed by a description of the jackal’s doings with regard to food, etc. (L VIII.-16. 7449-7451, 7448 rev.-7450 rev., and 7452-7456). When food is plentiful (in times of abundant rainfall) the people say that they must put the food away properly so they will not be like the jackal, which is always going along looking for where it has put its food (its 'plenty').


1) p.7451v: |xam names for, and descriptions of, flowers found in Bushmanland and Mowbray (on and around 15 September 1878), 2) This story is found in Book VIII-16


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


15 September 1878 (started on or around)


Custom and daily life, Plants and animals


jackal (habits of) , jackal (speaks to its mates) , jackal (stores food) , jackal (runs about seeking its food) , jackal (resembles or behaves like a man) , jackal (its diet) , jackal (its behaviour with food) , jackal (its call) , jackal (goes smelling along) , jackal (runs against the wind) , jackal (what people say when they hear it call) , jackal (finds its buried food by smelling it in the wind) , jackal (its 'plenty') , food (the rain makes it plentiful) , food (the jackal's 'plenty') , food (and the jackal's actions with its) , food (taking care with, when it is plentiful) , food (the careful storing of) , food (must be put away properly) , wind (and the habits of jackals with food) , flowers (found in Bushmanland) , flowers (found at Mowbray in spring) , names (of flowers found in Bushmanland and Mowbray) , rain (food is plentiful in times of abundant rainfall) , rain (and the habits of jackals with food)

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7448v-7450v, 7452-7456

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