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Story: Children do not eat jackal's hearts


Children do not eat jackal's hearts


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


Little children, among the Bushmen, are not allowed to eat the heart of the Jackal, on account of its great timidity. The heart of the Leopard may, on the contrary, be eaten by them. By /han≠kass’o (L VIII-16. 7457-7459).


1) This story was translated on 8 August 1898 (see Book VIII-16: p.V), 2) |han≠kass'o heard this story from his maternal grandfather (Tsatsi), 3) pp.7456v-7458v: see Notes (to Children do not eat jackal's hearts), 4) This story is found in Book VIII-16


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


September 1878


Custom and daily life


food (eaten and avoided by children) , food (children do not eat a jackal's heart) , food (children eat a leopard's heart) , food (prohibitions regarding) , children (become cowards from eating a jackal's heart) , children (do not eat a jackal's heart) , leopard (its nature) , leopard (does not fear) , leopard (is brave) , leopard (its heart is eaten by children) , jackal (children become cowards from eating its heart) , jackal (children do not eat its heart) , jackal (its nature and habits) , jackal (fears things) , jackal (is 'wont to run away') , jackal (is a coward) , jackal ('does not a little fear') , heart (children do not eat jackal's but they do eat a leopard's)

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