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Story: Notes (to Children do not eat jackal's hearts)


Notes (to Children do not eat jackal's hearts)


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


A description of some barter, containing allusion to the ill effect of eating Jackals’ hearts (L VIII.-16. 7456 rev.-7458 rev., 7460, note). |han≠kass'o's maternal grandfather (Tsatsi) is given a dog by |gappem-ttu and it kills many jackals. Tsatsi gives a kaross to |gappem-ttu for giving him a dog that kills so many jackals.


1) This story was translated on 8 August 1898 (see Book VIII-16: p.V), 2) See also Children do not eat jackal's hearts, 3) This story is found in Book VIII-16


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


September 1878


Custom and daily life


|han≠kass'o (his personal history) , |han≠kass'o (his maternal grandfather Tsatsi) , dog (Tsatsi's) , dog (used for hunting jackal) , dog (given to Tsatsi by |gappem-ttu which kills many jackals) , jackal (cooking and eating) , jackal (many killed by Tsatsi's dog) , jackal (a kaross made from its skin) , jackal (Tsatsi does not eat) , jackal (eating its heart causes cowardice) , food (eaten by people) , food (avoiding certain) , food (cooking and eating jackal) , food (Tsatsi does not eat the jackal's heart) , food (eating the jackal's heart causes cowardice) , kaross (Tsatsi's, of jackal-skin) , kaross (given by Tsatsi to |gappem-ttu) , Tsatsi (Tsatssi) , Tsatsi (his dog that kills many jackals) , Tsatsi (his personal history) , Tsatsi (does not eat jackal's heart) , personal history (of |han≠kass'o and his maternal grandfather, Tsatsi) , barter (Tsatsi given a dog by |gappem-ttu in exchange for a kaross)

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