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Story: The Mantis, the Mice and the Beetle


The Mantis, the Mice and the Beetle


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


The Mantis, the valiant Striped Mouse [Mus Pumilio, Common Striped Field–Mouse of the Cape], the other Mice, and the Beetle . By /han≠kass’o (L VIII.-17. 7542-7549, 18. 7550). This is a story of the Early Race when the Mice are people who are not strong and the Beetle kills them. |kaggen (the Mantis) dreams about the Beetle and tells the Striped Mouse (who is strong) to go to the river bed where the Beetle waits. The Beetle throws a stick at the Striped Mouse and the Mouse throws one back at the Beetle, knocking it down and killing it. The Striped Mouse frees his friends and the Long-nosed Mice return to life.


1) |han≠kass'o was told this story by his mother (|xabbi-an), who he thinks heard it from her mother (≠kammi), 2) pp.7547v & 7550opp: see Grass in Bushmanland that resembles brushes (2 & 3 October 1878); the names for brushes for wiping the face, 3) See also The Lizard, the Mice and the Mantis (includes the song of the Agama lizard) and The Wildebeest, the Mice, the Quaggas and the Mantis, or why the (black) Wildebeest has a white or light coloured tail, 4) This story is found in Books VIII-17 and VIII-18


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


21 September 1878 (started and finished)


|kaggen (the Mantis)


|kaggen (the Mantis) , |kaggen (dreams of the Beetle) , |kaggen (and the Mice and the Beetle) , |kaggen (his relations) , |kaggen (and the Striped Mouse) , |kaggen (instructs the Mice) , |kaggen (his dreams and presentiments) , resurrection (of the Long-nosed Mice) , Mice (make holes) , Mice (seek 'Bushman rice') , Mice (and |kaggen and the Beetle) , Mice (the Striped Mouse or Mus Pumilio or the common striped fieldmouse) , Mice (were formerly people of the Early Race) , Mice (the fight of the Mice and the Beetle) , Mice (the Long-nosed are killed by the Beetle) , Mice (the resurrection of the Long-nosed) , Mice (the Mouse who married the !xwe Mouse) , Mice (dig holes in the riverbed) , Mice (Striped Mouse who is strong) , Mice (their knobkerries) , Mice (that kill the Beetle) , Beetle (and |kaggen and the Mice) , Beetle (|kaggen's dream of) , Beetle (is killed by the Striped Mouse) , Beetle (kills the Mice) , Beetle (its fights with the Mouse) , Beetle (was formerly a man of the Early Race) , Beetle (and the river bed) , knobkerry (with which the Striped Mouse kills the Beetle) , knobkerry (and the Striped Mouse's fight with the Beetle) , knobkerry (|kaggen, the Mice and the Beetle) , dream (|kaggen's) , dream (|kaggen's premonition about the Beetle and the Mice) , dream (|kaggen, the Mice and the Beetle) , Early Race (|kaggen, the Mice and the Beetle are people of) , fight (between the Mice and the Beetle) , fight (|kaggen, the Mice and the Beetle)

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7542-7549, 7550

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