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Story: Koranna commando destroyed by ||ua


Koranna commando destroyed by ||ua


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


The ||ua (Fox) speaks, saying 'Thou art thinking thou art awake' and makes the Koranna sleep, even though they are supposed to be keeping watch.


1) |han≠kass'o heard this story from his maternal grandfather (Tsatsi); the Fox was a person of the Early Race, 2) p.7593v: see Beasts of prey were once people, 3) p.7594v: see Sneezing, 4) p.7606v: see The Korannas brought guns (while they felt that they had not a little cattle), 5) This story is found in Book VIII-18


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


27 September (started) – October 1878


History (Early Race), Relations with others


sleep (sleepiness caused by the ||ua or Fox) , sleep (and the ||ua who hypnotises the Koranna commando) , sleep (what the ||ua says to the Koranna commando) , commando (Koranna) , commando (or war party) , commando (destroyed by the ||ua or Fox) , ||ua (Fox) , ||ua (makes a mist) , ||ua (a person of the Early Race) , ||ua (who destroys the Koranna commando) , ||ua (who makes the Koranna commando sleep) , ||ua (who hypnotises a Koranna commando) , ||ua (who kills a Koranna commando with their own knives) , Fox (||ua) , Fox (who destroys a Koranna commando) , Koranna (Kora) , Koranna (commando) , Koranna (killed with their own knives) , Koranna (hypnotised, made sleepy by the ||uha or Fox) , Koranna (of the Early Race) , Koranna (destroyed by the ||uha) , mist (made by the ||uha or Fox) , mist (the Koranna commando destroyed by the ||uha) , weapons (the Koranna commando is killed with their own knives) , weapons (used by the Koranna) , weapons (of the Koranna commando destroyed by the ||uha or Fox) , Early Race (the ||ua or Fox was a person of) , Early Race (and the Koranna commando destroyed by the ||ua)

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