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Story: Food eaten by Bushmen (five types of berries and roots)


Food eaten by Bushmen (five types of berries and roots)


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


Certain kinds of Food, used by Bushmen. By /han≠kass’o (L VIII.-1. 6107, 18. 7598-7601). An account of the food (plants and berries) eaten by people throughout the year.


1) p.7599v: a description of the !kerri berry, 2) This story is found in Book VIII-18


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


October 1878


Custom and daily life, Plants and animals


food (five types of berries and roots) , food (names of) , food (eaten by the |xam) , food (the preparation and collecting of) , food (eating plants and berries) , food (prepared by women) , food (eaten at different times of the year) , food (the finding, pounding and eating of !kerri berries) , food (seasonal) , food (the finding of) , food (!kouwi) , food (!kusse) , food (||kuakken) , food (!nuanna) , food (!kerri) , winter (food eaten in) , winter (plants eaten in) , winter (the !kerri is eaten during) , winter (when the !kerri is sweet) , summer (!kerri berries are eaten in) , summer (when the !kerri is not sweet and not eaten) , summer (food eaten in) , summer (plants eaten in) , plants (edible) , plants (eaten in summer and winter) , plants (the |xam names of) , plants (the preparation and collecting of) , plants (!kouwi) , plants (!kusse) , plants (||kuakken) , plants (!nuanna) , plants (!kerri) , women (pound and prepare !kerri berries) , women (and food eaten by the |xam) , names (of plants and berries eaten by the |xam) , names (!kouwi) , names (!kusse) , names (||kuakken) , names (!nuanna) , names (!kerri) , seasons (food eaten in the different) , seasons (five types of berries and roots eaten in winter and summer)

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