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Story: Notes on chippings, or, Chipping no. 4


Notes on chippings, or, Chipping no. 4


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


Remarks concerning copy of Chipping, No. 4. (L VIII.-19. 7639-7642). The dots resemble those that the people paint onto other people's heads with tto (rooiklip, or haematite). The objects in figures 3 and 7 (of the same chipping) resemble mat sieves.


1) p.7639opp: tto is also called `rooi klip' (or haematite), or !nou by the Bastards ('Bastaards'), 2) p.7639v: words and sentences, 3) p.7640v: the |xam names for a poisonous snake and red ants (which appear in the picture of chipping no. 4), 4) This story is found in Book VIII-19


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


22 September 1878 (started)


Custom and daily life, Artefact and dress


chippings (rock art) , chippings (number 4) , chippings (explanation of) , chippings (|han≠kass'o's explanation of) , tto (an illustration of) , tto (is painted on the forehead) , tto (dots are painted with to resemble the hunting leopard) , tto (methods of painting with) , tto (`rooi klip') , tto (red haematite) , mat sieve (an illustration of) , mat sieve (for sifting 'Bushman rice') , mat sieve (a thing that resembles it) , mat sieve (the making of) , painting (and adornment) , painting (of dots on the forehead) , painting (to resemble the hunting leopard) , painting (with tto) , painting (methods of) , painting (the hands and fingers used for) , hunting leopard (the painting of tto dots on the forehead to resemble) , hunting leopard (in chipping no. 4) , snakes (poisonous) , snakes (depicted in engravings) , snakes (in chipping no. 4) , red ants (depicted in paintings) , red ants (in chipping no. 4) , rock art (chipping no. 4) , rock art (tto dots) , rock art (mat sieves) , sieve (mat) , sieve (for sifting 'Bushman rice') , sieve (in chipping no. 4) , rooi klip (red haematite) , rooi klip (tto) , rooi klip (in chipping no. 4) , rooi klip (an illustration of) , rooi klip (is painted on the forehead) , rooi klip (dots are painted with to resemble the hunting leopard) , rooi klip (methods of painting with) , haematite (red) , haematite (tto or `rooiklip') , haematite (in chipping no. 4) , haematite (an illustration of) , haematite (is painted on the forehead) , haematite (dots are painted with to resemble the hunting leopard) , haematite (methods of painting with) , names (of snakes) , names (for red haematite) , names (and chipping no. 4) , engraving (chipping no. 4)

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