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Story: |gui-an (Dootje) and her mistress, Trina de Klerk


|gui-an (Dootje) and her mistress, Trina de Klerk


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


|han≠kass'o tells the story of the abuse of |gui-an (or Doortje) who was beaten by her mistress, Trina de Klerck and also by Trina's husband Jacob. Trina de Klerck had used a thong to beat |gui-an and her husband Jacob had beaten her with a heavy Bambush (bamboo) reed after which she fainted. After that beating |gui-an was unable to see properly.


1) Date on p.7664: 20 December 1879 (2nd part of story), 2) p.7656v: information about |gui-an and some of her relations, and the Dutch people ('Boers') they worked for, 3) p.7662v: what the |xam say to lazy people, 4) p.7664v: the |xam term for the bamboo reed, 5) This story is found in Book VIII-19


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


18 – 24 December 1879


History (personal), Relations with others


white people (the experiences of |xam working for) , white people (|xam relations with) , white people (their treatment of the |xam) , white people (as masters) , white people (as mistresses) , white people (their abuse of their |xam workers) , white people (the Dutch or 'Boers') , white people (|gui-an and her mistress, Trina de Klerk) , personal history (of people known by |han≠kass'o) , personal history (of |gui-an or Dootje) , personal history (of |han≠kass'o) , beatings (received by |gui-an or Dootje) , beatings (a description of) , beatings (of |xam workers by white masters and mistresses) , beatings (observed by |han≠kass'o) , beatings (of |gui-an by her mistress, Trina de Klerck) , beatings (with reeds) , punishment (of |xam workers by their white masters and mistresses) , punishment (of |gui-an or Dootje) , punishment (and beating with reeds) , |gui-an (her personal history) , |gui-an (her abuse by her master and mistress) , |gui-an (or Dootje) , |gui-an (and her mistress, Trina de Klerck) , |gui-an (was beaten by her mistress) , |gui-an (her child was also beaten by her mistress) , |gui-an (was beaten by her master Jacob De Klerck) , |gui-an (the injuries she sustained from beatings) , |gui-an (her genealogy) , |gui-an (the names of her relations) , |gui-an (her youthful name) , |gui-an (her husband's name) , names (of |gui-an's relations) , names (of people known by |han≠kass'o) , names (of masters and mistresses) , names (of 'Boer' or Dutch farmers) , names (of |gui-an's master and mistress and their in-laws) , names (of places) , names (of |gui-an's father's place) , names (of |gui-an's master's place) , names (name of a reed used to beat |gui-an) , names (name for a lazy person) , places (the name of |gui-an's father's) , places (|gui-an's master's was Klerksfontein) , illness (the injuries |gui-an sustained from being beaten) , illness (and becoming 'cool' or 'warm') , reed (used to beat |gui-an) , reed (bamboo) , reed (the white men call it 'Bambush') , reed (the Dutch call it bamboes) , reed (|xam name for the Bambush) , laziness (the |xam term for one who does not work) , laziness (Trina de Klerck thought |gui-an's unconsciousness was due to her) , work (performed by the |xam for their white masters) , work (performed by |gui-an for her master and mistress) , work (done by |gui-an for her mistress, Trina de Klerk) , abuse (of |gui-an by her mistress, Trina de Klerk) , abuse (of |xam workers by their masters and mistresses)

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