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Story: |xam dialects ('Berg Bushmen' and 'River Bed people')


|xam dialects ('Berg Bushmen' and 'River Bed people')


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


Regarding some Bushman dialects. By lhan≠kass’o (L VIII.-19. 7672-7675). |han≠kass'o comments on his understanding of other |xam dialects, spoken by 'Berg (Mountain) Bushmen' and 'River Bed people'. He can understand their language (≠kakken-≠kakken) even when it is different, because they are his fellows. The language spoken by another group (the |ke |ke ||en) resembles that spoken by the Nama.


1) Pages 7676-7727 of this notebook are blank, 2) This story is found in Book VIII-19


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


September 1878 or December 1879 (it is unknown which)


History (personal), Relations with others


dialect ('the other part of our language') , dialect (a language that is different) , dialect (of |xam) , dialect (spoken in Bushmanland) , dialect (spoken by |han≠kass'o's fellows) , dialect (understanding another Bushman's language) , dialect (spoken by 'Berg' or 'Mountain Bushmen', or !kaogen !ke) , dialect (of the 'River Bed people', or Tka-sso !keten) , dialect (of the |ke |ke ||en) , |xam (names of groups of) , |xam (the 'Berg' or 'Mountain Bushmen', from Schietfontein ground, or the !kaogen !ke) , |xam (the 'River Bed people', or Tka-sso !keten) , |xam (the |ke |ke ||en) , |xam (dialects spoken by different) , language (and |xam dialects) , language (spoken by different groups of |xam) , language (spoken in Bushmanland) , language (which resembles that spoken by the Nama) , language (understanding another Bushman's) , language (spoken by |han≠kass'o's fellows) , language (or ≠kakken-≠kakken) , language (one that is 'different') , language ('we understand it nicely') , language (spoken by 'Berg Bushmen' and 'River Bed people') , groups (of |xam) , groups (names of) , groups (the 'Berg' or 'Mountain Bushmen', from Schietfontein ground, or the !kaogen !ke) , groups (the 'River Bed people', or Tka-sso !keten) , groups (the |ke |ke ||en) , groups (dialects spoken by different) , names (of |xam groups) , names (for a language) , names (of places in Bushmanland) , names (of the places or country of the 'Berg' or 'Mountain Bushmen' and the 'River Bed people')

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