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Story: Butterflies and !giten


Butterflies and !giten


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


Illness, for which the Doctor is called in, believed to be caused by butterflies. The narrator’s personal experience of this. Bushman children not allowed to throw stones at butterflies. By /han≠kass’o (L VIII.-20. 7753-7752. rev. and 7753 rev.). A !gixa (healer) 'snores' the afflicted person and draws the butterfly out, sneezing it out of his or her nostrils afterwards. A healer or 'doctoress' called |xu-an 'snored' lhan≠kass’o's ear and removed butterflies.


1) This story is found in Book VIII-20


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


17 October 1878 (started)


Healing and ailing, History (personal), Custom and daily life


|han≠kass'o (was healed or 'snored' by the 'doctoress', |xu-an) , |han≠kass'o (butterflies were snored out of his head and ear) , snoring (of |han≠kass'o) , snoring (of butterflies) , snoring (by a healer or sorcerer) , snoring (of illness caused by butterflies) , snoring (and sneezing out of nostrils) , healer (sorcerer) , healer ('snores' butterflies out) , healer (cures illness caused by butterflies) , healer (!gixa) , healer (or 'Bushman doctor') , healer (called |xu-an) , healer (who 'snored' butterflies out of |han≠kass'o) , healer (and 'snoring') , healer (and 'sneezing') , healer (healing by) , healer (doctoring by) , healer (curing by) , healer (called |xu-an) , healer (and butterflies) , butterflies (and !giten) , butterflies (cause illness) , butterflies (are 'snored' out of a person by a healer) , butterflies (a 'doctoress' called |xu-an 'snored' |han≠kass'o) , butterflies (children not to throw stones at) , name (a 'doctoress' called |xu-an) , name (|xam call sorcerers !giten) , name (butterflies and !giten) , sneezing (out of illness caused by butterflies) , sneezing (butterflies and !giten) , sneezing (and healing by healers or sorcerers) , illness (caused by butterflies) , illness (butterflies and !giten) , illness ('snored' by healers or sorcerers) , personal history (of |han≠kass'o) , personal history (|han≠kass'o was healed or 'snored' by the 'doctoress', |xu-an)

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