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Story: The 'Bushman doctor'


The 'Bushman doctor'


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The Bushman Doctor or Sorcerer (who may be of either sex). By /han≠kass’o (L VIII.-20. 7757-7762, 7768-7774). When the !gixa (or healer or 'Bushman doctor') 'snores' the person, he takes sticks out of them and then sneezes them out. If he snores a lion, he makes a sound like a lion, etc. After being snored, the person recovers and can return to the hunting-ground.


1) |han≠kass'o observed this happen, but the doctors were dead by the time of this account, 2) This story is found in Book VIII-20


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


19 – 21 October 1878


Healing and ailing, History (personal)


sorcerers (!giten) , sorcerers (the doings of) , sorcerers ('medicine men') , sorcerers (healing by) , sorcerers ('snoring' and 'sneezing' by) , sorcerers (remove 'harm's things which make people ill) , sorcerers (or 'Bushman doctor') , snoring (by the 'Bushman doctor', sorcerer or !gixa) , snoring (successful and unsuccessful) , snoring (of the really ill) , snoring (and death) , snoring (the sounds made when) , snoring (out of 'harm's things') , snoring (taking out) , snoring (-out lion) , snoring (-out owl) , snoring (-out sticks) , snoring (methods of) , snoring (a description of) , snoring (observed by |han≠kass'o) , snoring (the use of buchu) , snoring (and sneezing) , lion (cat) , lion ('snoring' out of, by the 'Bushman doctor', sorcerer or !gixa) , lion (the taking out of) , lion (the 'sneezing' out of) , lion (the doctor makes the sounds of) , lion (is a 'harm's thing') , harm's things (lions, cats are) , harm's things (and illness's things) , harm's things ('snoring' out of, by the 'Bushman doctor', sorcerer or !gixa) , harm's things (and wood's things, or !koken-tiken) , owl ('snoring out' of, by the 'Bushman doctor', sorcerer or !gixa) , owl (is 'sneezed' out) , owl (is a 'harm's thing') , owl (the doctor makes the sound of) , name (a 'wood's thing' is !koken-tiken) , name (of a 'Bushman doctor or sorcerer is !gixa) , wood (its thing or stick is called !koken-tiken) , wood ('snoring' and 'sneezing' out of, by the 'Bushman doctor', sorcerer or !gixa) , plant (buchu used by the 'Bushman doctor or !gixa in 'snoring' or healing ritual) , cat (lion) , cat (is harm's or illness's thing) , cat ('snoring' and 'sneezing' out of, by the 'Bushman doctor', sorcerer or !gixa) , Bushman doctor (healer or sorcerer) , Bushman doctor (their 'snoring' does not lie down) , Bushman doctor (extracts things) , Bushman doctor (the doings of) , Bushman doctor (makes a noise like an owl and a lion) , Bushman doctor ('snores' out the lion and owl) , Bushman doctor ('snores' and 'sneezes') , Bushman doctor ('sneezes' out stick') , Bushman doctor (observed by |han≠kass'o) , Bushman doctor (known by |han≠kass'o) , Bushman doctor (the !gixa) , Bushman doctor (healing by) , Bushman doctor (or 'medicine man') , buchu (its smell, and sneezing) , buchu (and the snoring out of 'harm's things') , buchu (used in 'snoring' and 'sneezing' by the 'Bushman doctor', sorcerer or !gixa) , healing (by the !gixa or 'Bushman doctor') , healing (and 'snoring') , healing (and 'sneezing') , healing (of 'harm's things') , healing (of illness's things) , illness (the 'snoring' of) , illness (the 'sneezing' of) , illness (the healing of) , illness (and the 'Bushman doctor', sorcerer or !gixa) , illness (its things) , illness ('harm's things' cause) , sneezing (and 'snoring') , sneezing (by the 'Bushman doctor', sorcerer or !gixa) , sneezing (the use of buchu) , sneezing (-out of the lion) , sneezing (-out of the owl) , sneezing (-out of 'harm's things') , sneezing (-out of illness's things) , sneezing (-out of -extracted things-) , sneezing (-out of sticks) , death (when a person's snoring does not lie down) , death (and the 'Bushman doctor', sorcerer or !gixa) , healer (the 'Bushman doctor', sorcerer or !gixa) , healer (their 'snoring' does not lie down) , healer (extracts things) , healer (the doings of) , healer (makes a noise like an owl and a lion) , healer ('snores' out 'harm's things') , healer (observed by |han≠kass'o) , healer (known by |han≠kass'o)

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7757-7762, 7768-7774

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