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Story: Names of plants and animals and notes on their use


Names of plants and animals and notes on their use


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


Names of Animals (L VIII.-1. 6047-6049, 21. 7828-7830, 7834, 7836-7838, 7841, 23. 8068 rev., 8070 rev., 25. 8260 rev., 32. 8811rev., 8875 rev.). Names of Trees and Plants, and other information regarding them, given partly in Bushman by and partly in English after /han≠kass’o. (L VIII.-14. 7219 rev. and 7220 rev., note, 18. 7552 rev.-7754 rev., 21. 7830-7833, 7835, 7847, 23. 8061 rev., 8062 rev. and 8063 rev., 8073 rev., 29. 8601 rev., 8606 rev., 8613 rev., 30. 8637 rev., 31. 8728 rev., 8790, 8791, 8789 rev.). |han≠kass'o provides the names of various plants and animals found in Bushmanland, as well as notes on how they are used, and details about and descriptions of them.


1) Dates on pages: p.7828: 4 January; p.7843: 8 July, 2) pp.7846-7847 have been copied from XX1: 10398v-10401v, 3) p.7836: the egg of a gecko lizard '(signed) R.J. 31-1-79', 4) p.7827v: see The power of cutting possessed by the reed and quartz, 5) p.7829v: what |han≠kass'o heard about the 'Jackal's plant', or koro ka oho from Tsatsi (and also observed personally), 6) Pages 7848-7905 of this notebook are blank, 7) This story is found in Book VIII-21


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


4 January-July 1879


Plants and animals, Custom and daily life


medicine (plants used as) , healing (with medicinal plants) , plants (used as tinder) , plants (used for resin) , plants (the Jackal's plant) , plants (made into compound) , plants (the preparation of) , plants (used as an emetic) , plants (used for healing) , plants (used for making dogs hunt jackal) , plants (used for healing dogs) , plants (edible) , plants (the taste of various) , plants (the medicinal uses of) , plants (the uses for) , plants (the names of) , plants (descriptions of) , plants (found in Bushmanland) , plants (found in |han≠kass'o's country) , animals (the uses for) , animals (the names of) , animals (a description of) , animals (found in Bushmanland) , animals (found in |han≠kass'o's country) , animals (eaten) , animals (and healing) , animals (the healing of) , animals (the rain's things) , insects (the uses for) , insects (the names of) , insects (a description of) , insects (found in Bushmanland) , insects (found in |han≠kass'o's country) , tortoise (|kappem) , tortoise (the eating of) , tortoise (old women eat) , tortoise (young girls do not eat) , tortoise (the eating of makes the rain angry) , tortoise (is a rain's thing) , tortoise (prohibitions regarding the eating of) , tortoise (the use of its shell) , dog (and the Jackal's plant) , dog (the plant used for healing one that is sick) , dog (and animals eaten) , tinder (plants used as) , food (plants eaten as) , food (avoidances relating to) , food (the eating of the rain's things) , food (animals that are eaten) , food (avoiding eating the rain's things) , food (eaten by women, young girls, old people) , stone (called |xuomma) , stone (found in Bushmanland) , stone (used for dressing skins) , places (Bushmanland) , places (Kenhardt) , places (Rooiberg) , names (of plants) , names (of animals) , names (of insects) , names (white man's) , names (|xam) , names (Dutch) , names (of places) , names (of a mountain) , names (of stones) , rain (and the eating of the tortoise) , rain (the eating of its things)

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7828-7836, 7841-7847

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