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Story: The |goo or ≠gebbi-gu


The |goo or ≠gebbi-gu


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The ≠gebbi–ggu, as performed among the Grass Bushmen, was described by /han≠kass'o (L VIII.-22. 7978 and 7979). A description of the /goo, or the ≠gebbi-gu, dance. Women clap their hands while the men call to them like the male ostrich. The women sing while the men call.


1) p.7977v: the call of the male and female ostrich, 2) See also The story of the lions and the ostriches (when they were people) and Baboons dance the ≠gebbi-gu and Baboons and the ≠gebbi-ggu, 3) This story is found in Book VIII-22


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


12 November 1878


Custom and daily life


dance (the |goo or ≠gebbi-gu) , dance (performed by the 'Grass Bushmen') , dance (a description of the |goo or ≠gebbi-gu) , dance (in which men imitate the call of the ostrich) , |goo (or ≠gebbi-gu) , |goo (performed by the 'Grass Bushmen') , |goo (a description of) , |goo (what men and women do in) , |goo (a dance) , |goo (the men call like an ostrich in) , |goo (the women sing and clap in) , ostrich (its call imitated in the |goo or ≠gebbi-gu) , ≠gebbi-gu (or |goo) , ≠gebbi-gu (a dance performed by the 'Grass Bushmen') , Grass Bushman (dance the |goo or ≠gebbi-gu) , men (imitate the call of the ostrich in the |goo or ≠gebbi-gu) , men (and a dance performed by the 'Grass Bushmen') , women (sing and clap in the |goo or ≠gebbi-gu) , women (a dance performed by the 'Grass Bushmen') , song (sung in the |goo or ≠gebbi-gu) , song (in which the call of the ostrich is imitated by men) , song (a dance performed by the 'Grass Bushmen')

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