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Story: On the 'Children of shortness' (the 'Grass Bushmen')


On the 'Children of shortness' (the 'Grass Bushmen')


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


The Grass Bushmen. (L V VIII.-22. 7968 rev. and 7969 re., 7976 and 7977, 7980 and 7981, 7980 rev. and 7081 rev.). A description of the Grass Bushmen and the names of places in their country. |han≠kass'o saw them at a place called 'Bushlice' and at another place there called |koro-tten.


1) See also The |goo or ≠gebbi-gu, 2) p.7980: the |xam name for the tiger moth, or larva of the genus Aloa, 3) p.7980v: names of places in the country of the `Grass Bushmen', 4) This story is found in Book VIII-22


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


13 November 1878


Custom and daily life


Grass Bushmen (the appearance of) , Grass Bushmen (a description of) , Grass Bushmen (seen by |han≠kass'o) , Grass Bushmen (the names of places in their country) , Grass Bushmen (|han≠kass'o's experiences in their country) , Grass Bushmen (resemble children) , Grass Bushmen (the 'children of shortness') , places (the names of) , places (in Bushmanland) , places (of the 'Grass Bushmen') , places ('Bushlice') , places (|koro-tten) , places (Kammak-sak) , places (accounting for the name of) , names (of places in the 'Grass Bushmen's' country) , children ('Grass Bushmen' resemble, are 'Children of shortness')

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