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Story: Dreams and rain


Dreams and rain


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


||kunnu and other old men dream of rain, which speedily comes. (L VIII.-23. 8005-8010). One of the rainmakers calls to the rain, addressing it, and asks that it may fall gently and not angrily (as the old men have dreamt).


1) p.8004v: |han≠kass'o heard this story from his mother (|xabbi-an); the name of one of the old men who dream, 2) p.8007v: the channel used for the running rain water, 3) p.8008v: what the old men say to the rain so that it may fall gently, 4) This story is found in Book VIII-23


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


22 – 23 November 1878


The Rain and Rain's water, History (personal)


dreams (and rain) , dreams (and modes of addressing the rain) , dreams (of rain-sorcerers or rainmakers) , dreams (old men's) , dreams (of an angry rain) , dreams (that it 'lightened') , dreams (that rain will fall) , dreams (that make it rain) , dreams (and rainmaking) , rain (dreams and) , rain (and ||kannu or ||kunnu the rainmaker) , rain (channelling the running water) , rain (modes of addressing it so it will fall gently) , rain (and the dreams of rain-sorcerers) , rain ('making fine' its liquid) , rain (and the north wind) , rain (a call to) , rain (that knocks down houses) , rain (what the people say to make it fall) , rain (the making of) , rain (asking for gentle) , rain (and lightning) , rain (angry) , rain (an address to) , rain (and the old men's dream) , rain (dreaming makes) , rain (its clouds come out) , old men (address the rain so it will fall gently) , old men (rainmakers) , old men (the name of one who dreams of rain) , old men (rain-sorcerers) , old men (their dreams of rain) , old men (who dream of an angry rain) , old men (address the rain) , old men (ask for a gentle rain) , wind (north) , wind (and dreams and rain) , address (modes of addressing the rain) , address (or call to the rain by rainmakers) , address (asking for rain and rainmaking) , address (what the people say to make it fall) , address (and dreams and rain) , rainmakers (old men) , rainmakers (address the rain so it will fall gently) , rainmakers (the name of one who dreams of rain) , rainmakers (rain-sorcerers) , rainmakers (their dreams of rain) , rainmakers (who dream of an angry rain) , rainmakers (address the rain) , rainmakers (ask for a gentle rain) , rain–sorcerers (old men) , rain–sorcerers (rainmakers) , rain–sorcerers (address the rain so it will fall gently) , rain–sorcerers (the name of one who dreams of rain) , rain–sorcerers (their dreams of rain) , rain–sorcerers (who dream of an angry rain) , rain–sorcerers (address the rain) , rain–sorcerers (ask for a gentle rain) , name (of a rainmaker) , name (||kannu or ||kunnu the rainmaker dreams of rain, making it fall)

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