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Story: Jackal clouds


Jackal clouds


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


Clouds. Preparations to be made for the coming rain; the springbok to be watched for, etc. (L VIII.-23. 8018-8029). Jackal clouds are rain-clouds and are black. The people prepare their houses for a downpour, the men bringing bushes and the women 'making nice' the house so that they will not get wet.


1) p.8017v: |han≠kass'o saw this happen; what the husband and wife say to each other, 2) p.8018v: |xam names for clouds, 3) p.8019v: (26 November 1878) on clouds (called 'rain's hair' or !kuagen and !kuita), 4) This story is found in Book VIII-23


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


25 November 1878 (started)


The Rain and Rain's water, History (personal), Custom and daily life


rain (that turns back) , rain (and the appearance of the 'jackal cloud') , rain (rain–clouds and 'jackal' clouds) , rain (its clouds are called 'rain's hair') , rain (the names of clouds) , rain (that returns to the northeast) , rain (that brings the cold) , rain (people prepare their houses for) , rain (clouds that herald and bring) , rain (the season of) , rain (and the coming of springbok) , clouds (rain–clouds) , clouds (are called 'rain's hair' when red) , clouds (what people call the different) , clouds (are called 'jackal' when black) , clouds (that lie in the south) , clouds (that herald and bring rain) , clouds (the colours of) , clouds (where they lie) , jackal cloud (rain–clouds) , jackal cloud (in the south) , jackal cloud (the appearance of means rain) , jackal cloud (brings the cold) , jackal cloud (wets the people) , jackal cloud (the people prepare for rain when they see it) , jackal cloud (is black) , jackal cloud (the rain 'lays them down' as it returns to the northeast) , jackal cloud (people must 'make nice the house' when they see) , jackal cloud (and the coming of springbok) , names (of different clouds) , names ('jackal' clouds) , springbok (watching for 'jackal' clouds and the rain which brings) , house ('making nice' the) , house (the appearance of jackal clouds heralds the coming of rain)

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