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Story: Mode of addressing rain


Mode of addressing rain


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


Clouds. Preparations to be made for the coming rain; the springbok to be watched for, etc. (L VIII.-23. 8018-8029). The old men address the rain and the rain-clouds. The rain-clouds 'go along and are becoming black' ('jackal-clouds'). People fear the rain while on the hunting ground and desire the rain thats brings the springbok.


1) p.8020v: what people say to clouds, 2) p.8021v: the Latin and Dutch names for the bush used to build rain-shelters, 3) p.8022v: the names of some people who appear in the story, 4) p.8023v: the |xam names for different clouds (including 'jackal-clouds'), 5) p.8024v: (11 December 1878) words and sentences (sounds), 6) p.8025v: the springbok love the rain, 7) p.8026v: fearing the rain on the hunting-ground, 8) p.8027v: the ostrich feathers used to make the brushes with which they drive the springbok, 9) p.8028v: on 'beating game' (driving springbok) or 'springbok's beating', 10) This story is found in Book VIII-23


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


27 November 1878 (started)


The Rain and Rain's water, Custom and daily life


old men ('screaming' about the rain) , old men (and their wives) , old men (must build shelters for their houses from the rain) , old men (their mode of addressing the rain) , rain (its liquid, or legs) , rain (its wind blows through the houses) , rain (making shelter from) , rain (mode of addressing) , rain (and clouds) , rain (old men address) , address (mode of, to the rain) , address (to the clouds) , address (by old men) , address (what people say to the rain) , address ('a jackal appears to be coming') , clouds ('newly gone along') , clouds ('leg comes out') , clouds ('leg' of) , clouds (rain-liquid comes out of) , clouds (what people say to) , clouds (called 'hair') , clouds (become black and are called 'jackal') , clouds (darken) , clouds (white) , clouds ('a jackal appears to be coming') , clouds (called 'jackal') , clouds (mode of address to, by old men) , houses (building shelters for from the rain) , houses (and modes of addressing rain) , shelters (the building of) , shelters (and the coming of rain) , shelters (and modes of addressing rain) , jackal cloud (and modes of addressing rain) , jackal cloud (what people say to) , jackal cloud (become black and are called 'jackal') , jackal cloud ('a jackal appears to be coming') , jackal cloud (herald and bring rain) , springbok (and the wind) , springbok (their 'beating') , springbok (fear the ostrich-feather brushes) , springbok (methods of driving) , springbok ('is a man who loves the rain') , springbok (come after it rains) , springbok (-hunting after rain) , springbok (and mode of addressing rain) , hunting (tactics for springbok) , hunting (driving springbok and the use of ostrich-feather brushes) , hunting ('beating the game') , hunting (of springbok after rain) , hunting (and modes of addressing the rain) , bush (the name of) , bush (used for making shelters for houses from the rain) , bush (and mode of addressing rain) , children (look out for springbok) , children (drive the springbok) , children (must collect bushes to make shelters) , children (and mode of addressing rain) , wind (and driving springbok) , wind (blows into houses when it rains) , wind (its actions and the rain) , wind (and mode of addressing rain) , brushes (used to drive springbok) , brushes (made of male ostrich feathers) , brushes (springbok fear them) , brushes (and mode of addressing rain) , ostrich feather brush (used for 'beating the game') , ostrich feather brush (used for driving springbok) , ostrich feather brush (and hunting springbok, which follows rain) , ostrich feather brush (springbok fear) , ostrich feather brush (and mode of addressing rain) , name (of clouds) , name (of bushes used to build shelters) , name (and mode of addressing rain)

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