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Story: Tactics in springbok hunting


Tactics in springbok hunting


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


|han≠kass'o describes the tactics used in hunting springbok (referring to a numbered picture), in which ostrich feathers attached to sticks are stuck into the small bushes to resemble a person and divert the herd.


1) p.8066v: |han≠kass'o observed this himself, 2) p.8068v: on various lizards; teasing the !khau lizard (Tsatsi does not like these lizards to be teased), 3) p.8069v: the names of certain snakes and caterpillars, 4) 8070v: missing one's aim; names and descriptions of birds and a snake, 5) p.8071v: see We do not utter a star man's name; the |xam term for the sound an arrow makes when missing one's aim, 6) p.8072v: |han≠kass'o observed Tsa'tssi making brushes, 7) p.8073v: dreaming of successful and unsuccessful hunting; the |xam and !Koranna names of thongs; the name of a thorny plant (||kuain) burnt to smoke brushes, 8) p.8083v: see Digging sticks used by men, 9) See also The preparation of feather brushes used in springbok hunting, 10) This story is found in Book VIII-23


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


22 December 1878 (story finished on or about)


Custom and daily life, Artefact and dress


springbok (horns and skin used in preparation of ostrich-feather brushes) , springbok (description of a hunt) , springbok (hunting and smoke) , springbok (tactics in hunting) , springbok (driving) , springbok (the passing of the herd and the man whose 'head is red') , springbok (the use of ostrich feathers tied on sticks to drive) , hunting (a description of springbok) , hunting (and the use of feather brushes called !xui-!xui) , hunting ('missing one's aim') , hunting (successful) , hunting (unsuccessful) , hunting (people who dream of) , hunting (the driving of the herd) , hunting (and the man to leeward whose head is red) , hunting (tactics for springbok) , hunting (and dividing the herd) , hunting (the preparation of the feather brushes used in) , feather brushes (the ||kuain plant is used for smoking the ostrich feathers) , feather brushes (called !xui-!xui) , feather brushes (the use of the Driedoorn stick) , feather brushes (used for driving springbok) , feather brushes (the preparation of) , feather brushes (the making of) , feather brushes (the feathers used for) , feather brushes (red ||ka is painted on the Driedoorn sticks of) , feather brushes (preparation of thongs for) , feather brushes (and tactics in springbok hunting) , feathers (are smoked using the ||kuain plant) , feathers (from ostrich) , feathers (and the preparation of brushes used for springbok hunting) , feathers (kinds used) , feathers (names of different) , feathers (rolling them) , feathers (and tactics in springbok hunting) , smoking (ostrich feathers) , smoking (feathers using the ||kuain plant) , smoking (a springbok skin is put over the fire to smoke) , smoking (making a fire and the preparation of ostrich-feather brushes) , smoking (the ||kuain plant is used in) , smoking (and tactics in springbok hunting) , dreaming (about successful and unsuccessful hunting) , dreaming (and tactics in springbok hunting) , Driedoorn (sticks of used in to make feather brushes for springbok hunting) , Driedoorn (and tactics in springbok hunting) , thongs ('children of thongs') , thongs (riem) , thongs (made of dried springbok's chest-skin) , thongs (called !ka by the Koranna) , thongs (used to make feather brushes) , thongs (the making of) , thongs (and tactics in springbok hunting) , plant (called ||kuain) , plant (and the smoking of ostrich feathers to make brushes for springbok hunting) , plant (digging for, using a springbok's horn) , plant (the making of the fire with, for its smoke) , plant (and tactics in springbok hunting) , names (the ||kuain plant used to smoke ostrich feathers) , names (Driedoorn wood used for sticks used in making feather brushes) , names (and tactics in springbok hunting) , names (of thongs used inmkaing of feather brushes) , names (feather brushes are called !xui-!xui) , names (a substance called ||ka is painted on the Driedoorn sticks) , ostrich feathers (used in making feather brushes used to drive springbok) , ostrich feathers (the ||kuain plant is used for smoking) , ostrich feathers (brushes called !xui-!xui) , ostrich feathers (the use of the Driedoorn stick) , ostrich feathers (the preparation and making of) , ostrich feathers (and tactics in springbok hunting) , ||ka (painted on the Driedoorn sticks used in making feather brushes used to drive springbok) , ||ka (and tactics in springbok hunting)

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