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Story: The rain (and eating tortoises)


The rain (and eating tortoises)


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


Certain serpents and tortoises supposed to be kept in store by the Rain. (L VIII.-16. 7431 rev. and 7432 rev.). For fear of arousing the wrath of the Rain, a certain kind of tortoise is not to be eaten by young unmarried men and women. The Rain to be addressed when it appears to be displeased. (L VIII.-26. 8303-8309. The manner in which the Rain is addressed by the old men. (L VIII.-26. 8304 rev. and 8305 rev., note).


1) p.8302v: the |xam names of some of |han≠kass'o's relations (who told |han≠kass'o this story), 2) p.8304v: what |han≠kass'o's grandfather and old men say to the rain, 3) p.8305v: why the rain is ashamed, 4) p.8307v: what white men and the |xam call the falling rainwater, 5) p.8308v: see: An illustration of the use of ddabba-i, 6) This story is found in Book VIII-26


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


6 – 8 March 1879


The Rain and Rain's water


rain (the Rain) , rain (!khwa or !khoa) , rain (goes away with its tail between its legs) , rain (is made ashamed) , rain (is addressed by a man with a good heart) , rain (respecting) , rain (scolding) , rain (the education of children concerning) , rain (is angry, or wrathful) , rain (the old man's address to) , rain (|han≠kass'o's grandfather Tsatsi's address to) , rain (what |han≠kass'o's relations told him about) , rain (is asked to fall gently) , rain (its liquid) , rain (what the |xam call it) , rain (what the white men call it) , rain (and thunder and lightning) , rain ('lightens') , rain (its clouds) , rain (when thundering, 'sounds hollowly') , rain (and its things) , rain (its tortoise must not be eaten by young unmarried men and women) , rain (eating its things prohibited) , tortoise (eating of prohibited) , tortoise (and the rain) , tortoise (is the rain's thing) , tortoise (must not be eaten by young men and women) , tortoise (eating it angers the rain) , food (avoidance of tortoise and the rain's things) , food (the rain's things must not be eaten) , food (tortoise must not be eaten by unmarried men and women) , food (and respect for the rain) , |han≠kass'o (the names of some of his relations) , |han≠kass'o (his grandfather Tsatsi's address to the rain) , |han≠kass'o (what his relations told him about the rain) , |han≠kass'o (his personal history) , address (to the rain) , address (to the angry rain) , address (|han≠kass'o's grandfather Tsatsi's to the rain) , address (what old men say to the rain) , address (by a man with a good heart who does not scold it) , name (of Rain is !khwa or !khoa) , name (what the |xam call the rain) , name (what the white men call the rain) , name (names of |han≠kass'o's relations) , personal history (the names of some of |han≠kass'o's relations) , personal history (|han≠kass'o's grandfather Tsatsi's address to the rain) , education (of children concerning the rain and eating tortoise) , education (about respecting the rain's things) , education (what |han≠kass'o's relations told him about the rain) , teaching (children about the rain and eating tortoise) , teaching (about respecting the rain's things) , teaching (what |han≠kass'o's relations told him about the rain)

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