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Story: Mat sieves


Mat sieves


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


Mat sieves said to be generally made by the Bushmen, but skin sieves by the Grass Bushmen and the Koranna-Hottentots. In English, after Díä!kwãin (L V.-25. VI note). Sieves supposed also to be used by the early race. By /han≠kass’o (L VIII.-27. 8391 and 8392). |han≠kass'o describes some sieves (!yuiten) that he believes belonged to the Early Race of Bushmen. These sieves were used to sift !haken after digging it out.


1) See also a note by Dia!kwain in The woman who was killed by the baboons (p.5993opp) for a description of sieves made from matting (used by 'real Bushmen') and sieves made from skins used by Korannas and 'Grass Bushmen', 2) This story is found in Book VIII-27


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


22 April 1879


History (Early Race), Custom and daily life, Artefact and dress


sieve (a thing called !yuiten belonging to the Early Race of Bushmen) , sieve (used for sifting !haken) , Early Race (their sieves were called !yuiten) , Early Race (used sieves for sifting !haken) , Early Race (dig for !haken and 'Bushman rice') , food (eaten by the Early Race) , food (the eating and sifting of !haken and 'Bushman rice' by the |xam) , food (digging for !haken and 'Bushman rice') , names (of foods eaten by the Early Race of Bushmen) , names (digging for !haken and 'Bushman rice') , names (sieves or !yuiten) , digging (for !haken and 'Bushman rice') , digging (and sieves used by the Early Race) , !haken (and 'Bushman rice' sieved by people of the Early Race in things called !yuiten) , Bushman rice (and !haken sieved by people of the Early Race in things called !yuiten)

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