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Story: What is done by the Bushmen (men and women) in an eclipse of the sun


What is done by the Bushmen (men and women) in an eclipse of the sun


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


What Bushmen do when an eclipse of the sun takes place. By /han≠kass’o (L VIII.-28. 8438-8441). They strike sticks together, as well as shoes, to make the sun come out.


1) p.8438opp: |han≠kass'o observed these practices himself; how people describe the eclipse, 2) This story is found in Book VIII-28


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


24 May 1879


Celestial bodies and aeroscopy, Custom and daily life


sun (what is done in an eclipse) , sun (goes into the sky) , sun (becomes large) , sun (stands in the sky) , sun (its shade) , sun (the people fear an eclipse) , sun (and the hunting-ground) , sun (its haze, or mist) , sun (goes in and leaves people in darkness) , sun ('shuts people from home') , sun (how people make it come out) , sun (how people describe an eclipse) , eclipse (of the sun) , eclipse (what is done when there is one) , eclipse (when the sun goes into the sky) , eclipse (the people beat together sticks and shoes during) , eclipse (what men and women do) , eclipse (how people make the sun come out) , eclipse (when the sun becomes small) , eclipse (what the people call it) , darkness (and why the |xam fear the sun) , darkness (and when the sun goes in) , darkness ('shuts people from home') , darkness (traps people on the hunting-ground) , darkness (and an eclipse of the sun) , mist (the sun's action resembles) , mist (is the sun's shade) , mist (what is done in an eclipse of the sun) , name (what the people call an eclipse of the sun) , shade (mist is the sun's) , shade (and an eclipse of the sun)

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