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Story: Wind and stars


Wind and stars


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


The winds which are supposed to appertain to different persons. (L VIII.-28. 8459-8465). After the wind has blown and dies, the place becomes warm from the sunshine (its 'eye' is warm). The wind becomes cold when a man kills an animal (the killed thing's wind) and the people say that his wind is cold. When it is hot the wind is gentle and not strong like the other.


1) p.8458v: |han≠kass'o heard this story from his maternal grandfather (Tsatsi), 2) p.8459v: the Pleiades, or summer stars, and the 'killed thing's wind', 3) p.8460v: the star's wind, 4) p.8461v: the wind that is throwing up dust, 5) p.8462v: the star Canopus (or |ßko a gu), 6) This story is found in Book VIII-28


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


1 – 2 June 1879


Celestial bodies and aeroscopy


wind (and stars) , wind (that is warm blows softly) , wind (that is pleasant) , wind (that gently blows) , wind (that blows up dust) , wind (of the stars) , wind (and hunting) , wind (of the 'killed things') , wind (of the man who kills things) , wind (and the Pleiades) , wind (and the sun) , wind (that is still) , wind (that dies) , wind (different kinds of) , wind (and the times of year) , wind (and the seasons) , wind (that is warm or cold) , wind (that blows strongly) , wind (when it does not blow) , sun (when 'obstinately hot') , sun (and the wind and stars) , sun (its 'eye') , sun (and the Pleiades) , sun (and summer) , stars (wind and) , stars ('their wind does not a little blow') , stars (their wind is cold) , stars (and the cold 'killed things' wind) , stars (the Pleiades) , stars (Canopus) , stars (that come out in summer) , stars (and the sun) , stars (and the man who kills things) , stars (that are cold or warm) , stars (and hunting) , Pleiades (and wind and stars) , Pleiades (are summer's things or stars) , Pleiades (and the sun) , hunting (and the wind and the stars) , hunting (and the 'killed things' wind) , hunting (and the wind of the man who kills things) , names (of stars) , names (of different winds) , names (wind and stars) , dust (wind that blows up) , dust (wind and stars)

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