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Story: The Quagga who was poisoned by her husband, !kuin'ssi-|kauoken


The Quagga who was poisoned by her husband, !kuin'ssi-|kauoken


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


The Quagga, who was poisoned by her husband, !kuinssi/kauöken. By /han≠kass’o (L VIII.-29. 8603-8614, 30. 8615-8627). The Tortoise takes a piece of liver away from the baby Quagga and shares it with other animals, who agree that it tastes so good that it must be Quagga liver. They tell the young He-Dog that he must have married game and that he must kill her so that they can eat her. One of the Quagga children lets her tears fall into the cooking pots, which break. The young He-Dog marries another Quagga and the Quagga's parents hold a dance and trample the young He-Dog to death.


1) Date on p. 8615: 10 July, 2) p.8602v: |han≠kass'o heard this story from his maternal grandmother (≠kammi) and from his mother (|xabbi-an) when he was older; a little bird called the !kuin |kuarri, 3) p.8603v: the mother Quagga's liver must never be given to other people, 4) p.8606v: some differences between Dutch and |xam language; the |xam name of a thorny plant recognised by |han≠kass'o in a picture, 5) p.8611v: (21 July 1879) a little boy who died on 20 July 1879, 6) p.8613v: on the mmain roots and the !uherriten mmain, which is another variety of the same plant, 7) p.8615opp: what the Quagga's children sang, 8) p.8615v: |han≠kass'o was told about a place called !khou-|kui (or 'Neck Vulture') (but never its location), 9) p.8618v: the crying of the Quaggas, 10) p.8622v: an expression for when bad things occur, 11) This story is found in Books VIII-29 and VIII-30


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


10 July 1879 (started)


History (Early Race)


Early Race (the Quaggas, the Blue Crane, the Hyenas, the Jackals, the young He-Dog and the Tortoise are all people of) , Early Race (and the Quagga who was poisoned by her husband, !kuin'ssi-|kauoken or the young He-Dog) , Quagga (who was poisoned by her husband the young He-Dog) , Quagga (her parents kill her husband) , Quagga (her parents hold a dance) , Quagga (her husband is trampled to death) , Quagga (her fat is lost when the pots break) , Quagga (the little, drops her tears into the pot, breaking it) , Quagga (her children's song) , Quagga (her children cry) , Quagga (drinks at 'Neck Vulture') , Quagga (dies after she has drunk) , Quagga (the little, burns the Tortoise's mouth) , Quagga (blames her daughter for the loss of her liver) , Quagga (leaves her husband with her children, singing) , Quagga (feeds her children pieces of her liver) , Quagga (hides her liver from her children) , Quagga (tells her children not to feed others her liver) , Quagga (her husband kills her to eat her) , Quagga (her liver tastes 'Excellent!') , Quagga (is a person of the Early Race) , Quagga (her husband pierces her with poisoned and sharpened bones in the bed) , Quagga (the Tortoise takes a piece of her liver) , Quagga (the Blue Crane, the Jackals and the Hyena taste her liver) , Quagga (the little, loses her mother's liver to the Tortoise) , Quagga (the young He-Dog married into her family) , Quagga (quaggas cry if they smell blood or if another is wounded) , Quagga (the nature and habits of quaggas) , Quagga (the noises quaggas make in a group) , young He-Dog (called !kuin'ssi-|kauoken) , young He-Dog (who poisons his wife the Quagga) , young He-Dog (is advised by his people to kill and eat his wife as he married game) , young He-Dog (marries his sister-in-law) , young He-Dog (is trampled to death by the Quaggas, his parents-in-law) , young He-Dog (is killed in the Quagga's dance) , young He-Dog (plans to kill his sister-in-law) , young He-Dog (who married into the Quaggas) , young He-Dog (his people are the Blue Cranes, the Jackals and the Hyenas) , young He-Dog (wanted to eat his wife) , young He-Dog (his people tasted his wife's liver) , Tortoise (and the Quagga who was poisoned by her husband) , Tortoise (her mouth is burnt by the little Quagga) , Tortoise (is one of the young He-Dog's people) , Tortoise (takes a piece of the Quagga's liver from the little Quagga) , Tortoise (feeds the Quagga's liver to the young He-Dog's people) , bones (sharpened and poisoned, are placed in the Quagga's bed) , bones (how the young He-Dog poisoned and killed his wife, the Quagga) , bones (pierce and kill the Quagga) , Blue Crane (and the Quagga who was poisoned by her husband) , Blue Crane (is one of the young He-Dog's people) , Blue Crane (tastes the Quagga's liver) , Jackals (and the Quagga who was poisoned by her husband) , Jackals (cry at the loss of the Quagga's fat) , Jackals (the little Quagga climbs their house of branches) , Jackals (the little Quagga breaks their pot) , Jackals (follow the Quagga's spoor) , Jackals (live at the water-pool) , Jackals (skin and cut up the Quagga) , Jackals (are the young He-Dog's people) , Jackals (taste the Quagga's liver) , Hyena (and the Quagga who was poisoned by her husband) , Hyena (the little Quagga breaks her pot) , Hyena (is one of the young He-Dog's people) , Hyena (tastes the Quagga's liver) , liver (the Quagga does not let people taste hers) , liver (of the Quagga who was poisoned by her husband) , song (of the Quagga's children when their mother is poisoned) , song (and the Quagga who was poisoned by her husband) , water-pool (where the Jackals make a house) , water-pool (where the Quagga drinks and dies) , water-pool (called 'Neck Vulture') , water-pool (and the Quagga who was poisoned by her husband) , poisoning (of the Quagga by her husband) , poisoning (the Quagga's children's song about) , pot (containing the Quagga's fat breaks, losing it) , pot (the little Quagga cries into and breaks) , pot (and the Quagga who was poisoned by her husband) , tears (the little Quagga's break the pot) , tears (and the Quagga who was poisoned by her husband) , dance (held by the Quaggas in which they trample and kill the young He-Dog) , dance (and the Quagga who was poisoned by her husband) , fat (the Quagga's is boiled in the pot) , fat (the Hyena and the Jackals cry at losing) , fat (of the Quagga who was poisoned by her husband) , Dog (the young He-Dog who poisoned his wife the Quagga) , Dog (of the Early Race) , Dog (called !kuin'ssi-|kauoken) , name (the young He-Dog is called !kuin'ssi-|kauoken) , name (of a water-pool belonging to Jackals) , name (and the Quagga who was poisoned by her husband)

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