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Story: ≠kainyatara and the Ostrich


≠kainyatara and the Ostrich


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The Ostrich who ran away with #kainyatára and gave him as a husband to her daughter. By /han≠kass’o (L VIII. 30. 8628-8636). A story of the Early Race. The Ostrich snatches up ≠kainyatara and runs off with him. She sets him down next to her daughter 'Yolk' (or ≠kariten), introducing him as the girl's new husband because the two resemble each other so strongly.


1) p.8627v: |han≠kass'o heard this story from his maternal grandmother (≠kammi) and again, when he asked for it, from his mother (|xabbi-an) after his grandmother's death, 2) pp.8628v-8629v: see The reason why the ostrich does not click, 3) p.8629v: all living creatures (including beasts of prey) were formerly people, 4) This story is found in Book VIII-30


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


13 July 1879 (started)


History (Early Race)


Early Race (or the First Bushmen) , Early Race (≠kainyatara and the Ostrich are people of) , Ostrich (≠kainyatara and) , Ostrich (who deceives, catches and gives ≠kainyatara to her daughter) , Ostrich (who carries ≠kainyatara on her bosom) , Ostrich (≠kainyatara's companions throw sticks at her) , Ostrich (her daughter does not live inside a shell and is a person) , Ostrich (the appearance of her daughter, 'Yolk') , Ostrich (her song to ≠kainyatara's companions) , Ostrich (her daughter is 'Yolk', or ≠kariten) , bird (the ≠kainyatara) , bird (the appearance of the ≠kainyatara) , ≠kainyatara (is caught and given to the Ostrich's daughter) , ≠kainyatara (was formerly a person) , ≠kainyatara (is taken by the Ostrich to marry her daughter) , ≠kainyatara (resembles the Ostrich's daughter, 'Yolk') , ≠kainyatara (his companions throw sticks at the Ostrich) , ≠kainyatara (the Ostrich carries him on her bosom) , song (that the Ostrich sings to ≠kainyatara's companions) , name (≠kainyatara's daughter is 'Yolk', or ≠kariten) , name (a bird called the ≠kainyatara)

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