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Story: ≠kagara and !haunu


≠kagara and !haunu


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≠kágára and !haunu, who fought each other with lightning. By /han≠kass’o (L VIII.-30 8637-8648). ≠kagara (a bird who was formerly a man) goes to !haunu (who is a rain's person) to take back his younger sister (!haunu's wife) and return her to her parents. There follows a fight (with lightning and thunder) and blood issuing from the nostrils of !haunu.


1) p.8636v: |han≠kass'o heard this story from his maternal grandmother (≠kammi) and his mother (|xabbi-an) after his grandmother's death; the ≠kagara bird; accounting for !haunu's name: he is a rain-sorcerer; 'rain (he) was', 2) p.8637v: names and descriptions of plants and lizards, 3) pp.8641v & 8643v: fighting, 4) p.8642v: see ≠kagara's fight with !haunu in the east, 5) p.8644v: see Lightning which is black, it is that which kills us, 6) This story is found in Book VIII-30


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


24 July 1879 (started)


The Rain and Rain's water, History (Early Race)


rain (≠kagara and !haunu) , rain (and ≠kagara's fight with !haunu) , rain (!haunu, the rain-sorcerer, is) , rain (and thunder and lightning) , rain (and buchu) , rain (rain-clouds) , rain (and related weather) , rain (in the east) , rain (protection from) , rain (and the Early Race) , rain (and !haunu's sneezing) , rain (!haunu's things which resemble water) , sorcerer (rain-sorcerer) , sorcerer (called !haunu) , sorcerer (who is Rain) , bird (called ≠kagara, who was formerly a man) , bird (the appearance of the ≠kagara) , sneezing (!haunu's) , sneezing (and the rain) , sneezing (≠kagara and !haunu) , lightning (that thunders) , lightning (black, that resembles a gun) , lightning (that startles the people) , lightning (that is stealthy) , lightning (and the rain) , lightning (sent by !haunu) , lightning (≠kagara fends it off) , lightning (and the weather) , lightning (and ≠kagara's fight with !haunu) , fight (between and ≠kagara and !haunu) , fight (in the east) , fight (with lightning) , fight (and the rain and weather) , clouds (when they were thick) , clouds (in the east) , clouds (resembled a mountain) , clouds ('were lightening') , clouds (and ≠kagara's fight with !haunu) , clouds (and the rain) , clouds (rain-clouds) , thunder (and ≠kagara's fight with !haunu) , thunder (and the death of !haunu) , thunder (and the rain) , weather (when bad) , weather (what |han≠kass'o's grandmother said about) , weather (when ≠kagara and !haunu fight in the east) , weather (when ≠kagara and !haunu were angry) , !haunu (accounting for his name) , !haunu (his name resembles mucus) , !haunu (sneezes blood) , !haunu (his wife carries his things) , !haunu (his things resemble water) , !haunu (≠kagara binds up his head) , !haunu (dies thundering) , !haunu (makes thunder and lightning) , !haunu (is the rain) , !haunu (a rain's person) , !haunu (is a man) , !haunu (is a rain-sorcerer) , !haunu (is killed by ≠kagara and his lightning) , !haunu (his fight with ≠kagara) , !haunu (≠kagara rubs buchu as protection from his thundering) , !haunu (is ≠kagara's brother-in-law) , ≠kagara (a bird who was formerly a man) , ≠kagara (is strong) , ≠kagara (kills !haunu with lightning) , ≠kagara (makes black lightning) , ≠kagara (rescues his sister from !haunu) , ≠kagara (his fight with !haunu) , ≠kagara (binds up !haunu's head) , ≠kagara (rubs buchu) , ≠kagara (is rubbed with buchu) , buchu (and ≠kagara's fight with !haunu) , buchu (as protection from the rain) , buchu (as protection from !haunu and his thundering) , buchu (≠kagara rubs it on) , names (a bird called ≠kagara) , names (≠kagara and !haunu) , plant (buchu, protects against the rain) , plant (≠kagara and !haunu) , |han≠kass'o (what his grandmother said about ≠kagara and !haunu)

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