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Story: The !gixa (sorcerer) |kaunu


The !gixa (sorcerer) |kaunu


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


The Rain–maker and Sorcerer, /kaùnu. (L VIII.-31. 8759-8762, 8743 rev., 8748 rev.). The !gixa (sorcerer) called |kaunu was an old 'Mountain Bushman' and was killed by his grandson, !kauken-ta-|a, with an arrow.


1) p.8758v: translated (by Lloyd) on the 5 May 1882, 2) p.8761v: |xam names for seasons, 3) This story is found in Book VIII-31


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


21 (started on or about) – 22 August 1879


Custom and daily life, History (personal), The Rain and Rain's water


sorcerer (or !gixa) , sorcerer (rainmaker) , sorcerer (strikes the bowstring and brings rain) , sorcerer (called |kaunu) , sorcerer (a real) , sorcerer (a rain-sorcerer) , sorcerer (commands the rain) , sorcerer (brings clouds) , sorcerer (known by |han≠kass'o) , rain (and a sorcerer called |kaunu) , rain (broke) , rain (rain-sorcerer) , rain (and clouds) , rain (rainmaking) , rain (and |kaunu striking the bowstring) , |kaunu (|haunu) , |kaunu (his personal history) , |kaunu (an old 'Mountain Bushman') , |kaunu (was killed by his grandson, !kauken-ta-|a) , |kaunu (the rainmaker) , |kaunu (was a real sorcerer) , |kaunu (was a rain-sorcerer) , |kaunu (struck a bowstring and called the rain) , |kaunu (made clouds appear) , |kaunu (worked while the people slept at night) , |kaunu (his eyes resembled a beast of prey's) , |kaunu (his eyes were like an ostrich's) , |kaunu (his eyes resembled an owl's) , |kaunu (the names of his relations) , |kaunu (was known by |han≠kass'o) , |kaunu (was not a little feared) , rain-sorcerer (or !gixa) , rain-sorcerer (rainmaker) , rain-sorcerer (strikes the bowstring and brings rain) , rain-sorcerer (called |kaunu) , rain-sorcerer (commands the rain) , rain-sorcerer (brings clouds) , rain-sorcerer (known by |han≠kass'o) , |han≠kass'o (knew the rainmaker |kaunu) , name (a rainmaker called |kaunu) , name (of |kaunu's relations) , name (of |xam known by |han≠kass'o) , name (a group of |xam called 'Mountain Bushmen') , bowstring (striking and rainmaking) , bowstring (struck by the !gixa or sorcerer called |kaunu) , clouds (rain-clouds) , clouds (and rainmaking) , clouds (came out when |kaunu struck the bowstring) , clouds ('shut in the place') , clouds (shut out the sun) , clouds (and the !gixa or sorcerer called |kaunu) , personal history (of a !gixa or sorcerer called |kaunu, known by |han≠kass'o) , personal history (of |han≠kass'o) , rainmaking (making rain–clouds appear and the rain break) , rainmaking (striking the bowstring) , rainmaking (by the !gixa or rain–sorcerer called |kaunu known by |han≠kass'o)

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8743v & 8748v, 8759-8762

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