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Story: Locusts




Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


|kaunu, the rainmaker, told the people that locusts come out when rain falls. After locusts have laid their eggs they fly away. New locusts get wings and become berre. The people call them berre because they are only able to feed at one place. When they are strong enough, they fly in the dark against the wind to strengthen themselves.


1) pp.8743v & 8748v: see The !gixa (sorcerer) |kaunu, 2) p.8744v: see A photograph of Xu gwai reminding |han≠kass'o of !nwa !koro , 3) p.8747v: (20 August 1879) the 'Eastern Bushmen', or |ko-ken !k'e; the east wind and its name, 4) pp.8750v-8752v: see Regarding the living again of male ostriches, 5) This story is found in Book VIII-31


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


18 August 1879 (started)


Plants and animals, History (personal), The Rain and Rain's water


|kaunu (the rainmaker) , |kaunu (what he said about locusts) , |kaunu (and the rain and locusts) , locusts (their habits) , locusts (and the rain) , locusts (come out when rain falls) , locusts (make a swarm) , locusts (their names at different stages of their development) , locusts (settle at midday) , locusts (breed and lay eggs) , locusts (their young are called t'oe t'oe) , locusts (|ki |ki) , locusts (tana) , locusts (||u huabba) , locusts (get feathers) , locusts (a description of their growth) , locusts (with wings are called berre) , locusts (berre are weak) , locusts (berre strengthen themselves with the wind) , locusts (what |kaunu the rainmaker said about) , locusts (berre do not fly far) , locusts (berre are 'still grazing at one place') , locusts (when strong berre fly away) , locusts ('the berre is red, like the earth') , locusts (when grown-up are called a 'flier', or ||khou when black) , locusts (others are called ||xerre-|xam) , names (for locusts at different stages of development) , names (a rainmaker called |kaunu) , wind (how berre locusts strengthen themselves and their wings) , wind (and locusts)

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