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Story: The ||kuken


The ||kuken


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


The people take a long ostrich wing feather and cut off the root to make a //kuken, or barblet, that makes the arrow stick fast in an animal's flesh. The poison on the barblet dissolves off the barblet into the flesh.


1) See also The ||kuken and ostrich feathers and Feathered arrows and poison and Arrow-making, 2) p.8769v: |han≠kass'o was taught this by his maternal grandfather (Tsatsi) and experienced it himself; arrows with and without barblets, 3) p.8770v: the name for an arrow that is not poisoned, 4) p.8772v: the part of the animal's flesh that the barblet catches on; a man who died from a poisoned wound on his foot (see Gemsbok hunting), 5) This story is found in Book VIII-31


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


25 August 1879


Custom and daily life, Artefact and dress


arrows (the making of) , arrows (the name of one that has no poison) , arrows (for springbok are clean and handsome) , arrows (gemsbok's) , arrows (ostrich's) , arrows (for shooting springbok have no barblet) , arrows (for shooting gemsbok and ostrich have a barblet) , arrows (the poisoning of) , arrows (the barblets, or ||kuken used to catch on the animal's flesh) , arrows (and the use of roots of ostrich wing feathers) , ostrich feathers (are cut and divided) , ostrich feathers (are bound with sinew onto the arrow-shaft) , ostrich feathers (wing-feather roots are used to make ||kuken, or barblets to catch on the animal's flesh) , ostrich feathers (and the making of arrows) , ||kuken (or barblet used to catch on the animal's flesh) , ||kuken (teachings about the making of) , ||kuken (the making of using an ostrich wing-feather root) , ||kuken (the poisoning of) , poisoning (methods of) , poisoning (the poison dissolves off the barblet into the flesh) , poisoning (of arrows for hunting) , poisoning (of the arrow barblet, or ||kuken) , poisoning ('we poison downwards') , hunting (and the use of barbed and poisoned arrows) , hunting (the different arrows used for springbok, gemsbok and ostrich) , gemsbok (tactics in hunting) , gemsbok (their arrows have barblets, or ||kuken) , ostrich (tactics in hunting) , ostrich (their arrows have barblets, or ||kuken) , ostrich (their feathers used in making ||kuken or arrow–barblets) , springbok (tactics in hunting) , springbok (their arrows are clean and handsome) , springbok (their arrows are those which have no barblets) , names (a barblet on an arrow called ||kuken) , names (of different arrows) , feather (of the ostrich used to make barblets or ||kuken on arrows) , feather (the making of barblets using an ostrich wing-feather root) , teachings (about the making of arrows) , teachings (about the making of barblets or ||kuken) , education (about the making of arrows) , education (about the making of barblets or ||kuken)

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