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Story: Note on the two Lions


Note on the two Lions


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


A note about the two Lions, !gu and !haue ta ≠hou. !gu eats people, but !haue ta ≠hou does not and is usually the one who scolds !gu about his doings.


1) See also How the Blue Crane vainly sought for !kuommain |ka ||kau, was killed and eaten by the Lions, and restored to life by means of one of the bones of the Mantis (Part 2) and !ga ka Kkumm. The Frog's story or The Frog, the Blue Crane, the Beetle, and !kuommain |ka ||kau (Part I) and The young woman who disobeyed her mother, and fell in with the two Lions (!haue to ≠hou and !gu), 2) This story is found in Book VIII-32


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


November 1879


History (Early Race)


Lions (the two Lions !gu and !haue ta ≠hou) , Lions (are people of the Early Race) , Lions (and their doings) , Lions (how !gu tricks !haue ta ≠hou into tasting human, the Blue Crane's flesh) , Lions (!gu eats people but !haue ta ≠hou does not) , Lions (!haue ta ≠hou scolds !gu) , Blue Crane (how !gu tricks !haue ta ≠hou into tasting her flesh and eating her) , Blue Crane (and the two Lions !gu and !haue ta ≠hou) , Early Race (or First Bushmen) , Early Race (the two Lions and the Blue Crane are people of) , name (the two Lions are called !gu and !haue ta ≠hou) , name (a note on the two Lions)

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