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Story: !ga ka Kkumm. The Frog's story (Or, The Frog, the Blue Crane, the Beetle, and !kuommain |ka ||kau) (Part I)


!ga ka Kkumm. The Frog's story (Or, The Frog, the Blue Crane, the Beetle, and !kuommain |ka ||kau) (Part I)


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


The Frog, the Blue Crane, the Frog’s husband, and the Beetle. By /han≠kass’o (L VIII.-32. 8812-8820). A tale of the Early Race in which the Frog (!ga) marries !kuommain |ka ||kau, but is embarrassed to relieve herself in front of him. Her body swells up and the Blue Crane makes a hole which the Frog vomits into. !kuommain |ka ||kau returns home and asks where the child is (his swollen wife had appeared as if pregnant). !kuommain |ka ||kau jumps up and runs away.


1) This is part 1 of the Blue Crane's story, 2) p.8811v: |han≠kass'o heard this from his maternal grandmother (≠kammi); he says it should precede the Blue Crane's story, 3) p.8814v: |han≠kass'o's comments about the Beetle who resembles |kaggen, 4) See also How the Blue Crane vainly sought for !kuommain |ka ||kau, was killed and eaten by the Lions, and restored to life by means of one of the bones of the Mantis (Part 2) 5) This story is found in Book VIII-32


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


17 – 18 November 1879


|kaggen (the Mantis)


Frog (!ga ka Kkumm or her story) , Frog (called !ga) , Frog (is ashamed) , Frog (will not relieve herself and swells up) , Frog (marries !kuommain |ka ||kau) , Frog (is the Blue Crane's 'mate') , Frog (vomits into a hole) , Frog (her husband runs away) , Frog (her husband is !kuommain |ka ||kau) , Frog (looks pregnant) , !kuommain |ka ||kau (!ga ka Kkumm or the Frog's story) , !kuommain |ka ||kau (is the Frog's husband) , !kuommain |ka ||kau (runs away) , !kuommain |ka ||kau (disappears into a flat stone) , !kuommain |ka ||kau (the Beetle's smell makes him run away) , !kuommain |ka ||kau (thinks his wife the Frog is pregnant) , !kuommain |ka ||kau (!ga ka Kkumm or the Frog's story) , Beetle (!ga ka Kkumm or the Frog's story) , Beetle (called dju) , Beetle (resembles |kaggen) , Beetle (flies and walks) , Beetle (smells like vomit) , Beetle (goes into the Frog's vomit) , Beetle (wants to marry !kuommain |ka ||kau) , Beetle (her smell frightens away !kuommain |ka ||kau) , Blue Crane (!ga ka Kkumm or the Frog's story) , Blue Crane (is the Frog's 'mate') , Blue Crane (makes a hole for the Frog to vomit into) , Blue Crane (searches for the Frog's husband, !kuommain |ka ||kau) , Blue Crane (snatches and misses !kuommain |ka ||kau) , vomit (!ga ka Kkumm or the Frog's story) , vomit (the Beetle goes into the Frog's) , vomit (the smell chases away the Frog's husband, !kuommain |ka ||kau) , vomit (the Frog's) , Early Race (or First Bushmen) , Early Race (the Frog, the Blue Crane, the Beetle and !kuommain |ka ||kau are people of) , |kaggen (and the Frog's story) , name (the Frog is called !ga) , name (Beetle is called dju) , name (the Frog's husband is !kuommain |ka ||kau)

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