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Story: Things eaten by the !kun


Things eaten by the !kun


Lucy Lloyd !kun notebooks


Tamme (and possibly !nanni) describes some of the things eaten by the !kun (and in particular by his father).


1) Date on p.9028: 8 October, 2) p.9027v: part of the song of the ostrich-like !kui ('I am tall'), 3) p.9029v: the 'honey' is found in !nanni and Tamme's country; Tamme's parent's house is near water, 4) See also Animals eaten by the !kun, 5) This story is found in Book XI & XII-1


!nanni (XI), Tamme (XII)


8 October 1879 (given on or around)


Custom and daily life, Plants and animals, History (personal)


food (things eaten by the !kun) , food (eaten by !nanni's and Tamme's people) , food (eaten by !kun men, women and children) , food (plants and animals eaten by the !kun) , birds (the names of, in !kun country) , birds (eaten by the !kun) , birds (eaten by !kun men) , birds (eaten by !nanni's and Tamme's people) , animals (the names of, in !kun country) , animals (eaten by the !kun) , animals (eaten by !kun men) , animals (eaten by !nanni's and Tamme's people) , plants (the names of, in !kun country) , plants (eaten by the !kun) , plants (eaten by !kun men) , plants (eaten by !nanni's and Tamme's people) , names (of things eaten by the !kun) , names (of animals eaten by !nanni's and Tamme's people) , names (of birds eaten by !nanni's and Tamme's people) , names (of plants eaten by !nanni's and Tamme's people)

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