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Story: Food eaten by the !kun


Food eaten by the !kun


Lucy Lloyd !kun notebooks


The names of some of the plants and animals eaten by the !kun (and by !nanni and Tamme in particular). Mention is made of respecting certain animals and the consequences of eating them (see 9177v).


1) p.9156v: see The names of !nanni's relations, 2) p.9177v: !nanni does not eat wild cats (to do so would cause pain in the head): such animals are respected by the !kun and not eaten, 3) See also Things eaten by the !kun and Animals eaten by the !kun, 4) This story is found in Book XI & XII-3


!nanni (XI), Tamme (XII)


3 November 1879 (started)


Custom and daily life, Plants and animals


plants (eaten by the !kun) , plants (the names of different in !kun country) , animals (eaten by the !kun) , animals (respected by the !kun and not eaten) , animals (the names of different in !kun country) , food (avoidances) , food (!kun methods of preparing and cooking) , food (eaten by !nanni and Tamme) , food (found in !kun country) , food (eaten by the !kun) , food (respected by the !kun and not eaten) , food (consequences of eating certain) , respect (and food avoidances) , respect (for certain animals which are not eaten) , respect (the consequences of eating respected animals) , illness (and the consequences of eating respected animals) , illness (eating a wild cat causes pain in the head) , wild cat (is not eaten by the !kun) , wild cat (eating it causes illness) , cat (wild, is not eaten by the !kun) , names (of plants eaten by the !kun) , names (of different plants found in !kun country) , names (of animals eaten by the !kun) , names (of different animals found in !kun country)

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9156-9157, 9159-9161, 9177v, 9186

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