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Story: Customs at death


Customs at death


Lucy Lloyd !kun notebooks


Tamme's younger brother dies so his mother sleeps outside at the back of the house. When a child dies, another child does not eat. Another child also 'must die'. When a person dies the people bury him or her in the earth.


1) See also Sleeping in ashes and Burial and Burial (another account), 2) This story is found in Book XI & XII-3


Tamme (XII)


4-5 January 1879


History (personal), Custom and daily life


death (!kun customs at) , death (the actions of the parents of dead children) , death (and burial) , death (the making of graves by the !kun) , death (of children) , death (dead children do not eat) , death ('another child must die') , death (Tamme's uncle 'kills' another child) , death (of Tamme's younger brother) , death (behaviour at) , Tamme (his personal history) , Tamme (the death of his brother) , Tamme (the death of his cousin) , Tamme (the actions of his family at the death of their children) , Tamme (and customs at death) , burial (!kun practices) , burial (!kun methods of) , graves (!kun methods of making) , graves (the people dig them out) , graves (are covered with trees) , children (of the !kun and death) , children (when dead they do not eat) , children (the 'killing of') , children (the death of) , children (and !kun customs at death) , personal history (the death of Tamme's brother and cousin)

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