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Story: How Tamme was taken by the Makoba and given to the Ovambo


How Tamme was taken by the Makoba and given to the Ovambo


Lucy Lloyd !kun notebooks


An account of how Tamme came to be 'dispossessed' of his people. Tamme and his mother are at the Makoba village. Tamme is persuaded to go into a Makoba's house. The Makoba refuses to allow Tamme to return to his mother and people. The Makoba eventually give Tamme to the Ovambo, who hand him over to white men (9167).


1) See also Tamme's expereinces before coming to Mowbray, 2) p.9217v: the Makoba eat dogs when there is no rain and 'food fails', 3) p.9219v: !kun words for colours (6 January 1980), 4) p.9220v: what the Makoba, the Ovambo and another group of Ovambo call the !kun, 5) This story is found in Book XI & XII-3


Tamme (XII)


15 November 1879 and 5 January 1880


History (personal), Relations with others


Tamme (an account of his dispossession) , Tamme (how he was taken from his people) , Tamme (how he came to be given to white men) , Tamme (his personal history) , Tamme (his experiences with the Makoba and the Ovambo) , Tamme (how he was taken from his mother) , Tamme (his mother and the Makoba) , Makoba (information about) , Makoba (are feared by the !kun) , Makoba (their actions) , Makoba (kill the Ovaherero) , Makoba (their houses or 'village') , Makoba (their 'great water') , Makoba (their boats) , Makoba (where they live) , Makoba (gave Tamme to the Ovambo) , Makoba (and Tamme's mother) , Makoba (their relations with the !kun) , boats (of the Makoba) , Ovaherero (killed by the Makoba) , Ovambo (and Tamme) , Ovambo (gave Tamme to white men) , Ovambo (the Makoba gave them Tamme) , !kun (their relations with the Makoba and the Ovambo) , !kun (fear the Makoba) , !kun (how Tamme was taken from his people) , !kun (their experiences with the other peoples of their country) , white men (Tamme given to) , names (of peoples in !kun country) , personal history (how Tamme was taken by the Makoba and given to the Ovambo)

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