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Story: Tamme's experiences before coming to Mowbray


Tamme's experiences before coming to Mowbray


Lucy Lloyd !kun notebooks


Tamme recounts some of his experiences when younger. He describes other people he has met, such as a person called |kon-ta and his family. Tamme recalls when he was small ('so high') and his mother carried him on her back. He was able to see many things from that position. He feared the water, which was cold.


1) p.9169v: !kun terms for various relations and relationships, 2) See also About Tamme's relations and How Tamme was taken by the Makoba and given to the Ovambo, 2) This story is found in Book XI & XII-3


Tamme (XII)


26 November 1879 & 8 January 1879


History (personal)


Tamme (some of his memories) , Tamme (and his mother) , Tamme (his mother's country) , Tamme (his personal history) , Tamme (different people he met) , Tamme (and |kon-ta and his family) , Tamme (and the Ovaherero) , Tamme (when he was in the Ovaherero's country) , Tamme (and the Ovambo) , Tamme (he was never in the Ovambo's country) , Tamme (his travels) , Tamme (his experiences before coming to Mowbray) , Ovambo (their ground, or country) , Ovambo (Tamme's experiences of) , Ovaherero (their ground, or country) , Ovaherero (Tamme's experiences of) , country (Tamme's mother's) , country (the Ovambo's) , country (the Ovaherero's) , country (or 'ground') , personal history (of Tamme) , !kun (their relations with the Ovambo and Ovaherero) , !kun (the peoples of their country) , !kun (their country)

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