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Story: Burial




Lucy Lloyd !kun notebooks


When one of the !kun dies, the other people dig a hole in the earth and place the dead person inside it. When a man dies, his bow and stick are put into his grave with him. The grave is covered up with earth. Another man takes the dead man's arrows. After the people have buried the dead person they leave for another place (or 'country'). They do this because they fear or respect death and the dead person.


1) See also Customs at death and Sleeping in ashes and Burial (another account), 2) This story is found in Book XI & XII-4


!nanni (XI), Tamme (XII)


15 –18 January 1880


Custom and daily life


burial (and the making of the grave) , burial (!kun customs at) , burial (the stick and bow are placed in the grave) , death (!kun customs at) , death (the other people leave the place and go to another country) , death (respect for and fearing the dead) , death (actions at) , death (another man takes the dead man's arrows) , death (the dead man's bow and stick) , death (the grave) , death (and burial) , death (and the !kun) , grave (making of) , grave (and burial customs of the !kun) , grave (the dead man's stick and bow are placed therein) , grave (and respect for the dead man) , weapons (the stick and bow of the dead man are placed in his grave) , weapons (another man takes the dead man's arrows) , arrows (another man takes a dead man's arrows) , bow (and stick of the dead man are placed in his grave) , country (after death the people leave for another) , respect (and fear for the dead) , respect (for the dead man) , respect (and burial)

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