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Story: Burial (another account)


Burial (another account)


Lucy Lloyd !kun notebooks


When a person dies, the !kun (!nanni's people) do not immediately leave the place of death but leave as a group on another day. In !nanni's maternal grandfather's country, the dead go into the Moon.


1) p.9251v: Lloyd notes that the belief about the moon and the dead came as an answer to a question she had asked the boys comparing this belief to a similar superstition held by the |xam, 2) See also Customs at death and Sleeping in ashes and Burial, 3) This story is found in Book XI & XII-4


!nanni (XI)


21 – 22 January 1880


Custom and daily life, Celestial bodies and aeroscopy


burial (and the making of the grave) , burial (!kun customs at) , burial (of !nanni's little brother) , death (beliefs about) , death (the dead go into the Moon) , death (of !nanni's little brother) , death (!kun customs at) , death (the other people leave the place of death another day) , death (actions at) , death (the making of the grave) , death (and burial) , death (and the !kun) , !nanni (the death and burial of his little brother) , !nanni (his personal history) , grave (or !korro) , grave (and the burial of !nanni's little brother) , personal history (death and burial of !nanni's little brother) , country (people leave for another place when someone dies) , country (!in nanni's maternal grandfather's, dead go into the Moon) , Moon (and !kun belief about death) , Moon (dead go into) , Moon (!in nanni's maternal grandfather's country the dead go into)

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